Hypertargeting Automotive Ads With Facebook

In today’s marketing world, day-in and day-out, what we hear the most from our clients is the diminishing returns tradition advertising delivers on ad spend. The landscape has changed, and the focus of the consumer has shifted from billboards, flyers and magazines to social media and digital content. As a business, this ultimately means you have to change your approach to survive, thus moving your dollars around constantly to where your consumer focus has shifted.

There is no other industry where this is more prevalent than the automotive industry, and our client was feeling it. Infomercials, flyers and billboards that once brought in walk-ins by the dozens get discarded and ignored with todays consumers. For majority of brands, the customer segment they are targeting doesn’t even read print media anymore. Add this to the fact that margins are decreasing in the industry with competition and online sales are increasing, and you can see why these businesses are hurting.

This caused a dealership to approach us in order to discuss and implement a more effective marketing strategy that resonates with their audience and captures their attention in places where they actually spend time in. With that in mind, and the tools at our disposal, our suggested medium was…


Facebook marketing is the most data-rich environment on the planet for car dealerships as of 2017. Not only can you leverage Facebooks rich audience data, but you can refine your audiences furthermore with the automotive partnerships Facebook offers. For example, as a dealer, you can target everyone within a 10 mile radius of your dealership that is in the market for crossover of the brand you offer. Insane! But how is this achieved?

What we did was leverage Facebook’s Partnership with Datalogix, a data giant, who in turn offers data from Polk. Polk collects DMV data, and Datalogix analyzes it to give you rich feedback onto the type, model and timeframe to purchase of everyone in your audience. By applying this layer of rich data to a geographical custom audience, we were able to increase the ROAS of our client, decrease their offline marketing spend and bring in qualified leads that turned into sales and service customers.