How To Grow A Local Business In The Digital Age

Every day that goes by, we hear of another retail store that has closed its doors in bankruptcy or to move its business online. Today, there’s no such thing as a “small town” – as a consumer, you can now shop outside your longitudinal boundaries for exactly what you need at a price that is right for you. Given the instant access to information from your phone, tablet or laptop your target customer can get anything they need at their fingertips. When someone is looking for what you offer, they’re going to search first online. As a local business, you can capitalize on the small town proximity as well the benefits of the world wide web.


Today, Facebook has over a billion users on its platform. Chances are that a part of your target market is on the platform, and you can reach them to grow your business. Content is king, and making yourself an authority in your space by educating people in your area or fans of your page is sure to build a loyal customer base. Carpet Cleaning New York, a professional carpet cleaner in Brooklyn, does this well to maintain and grow their brand. In addition to organic content, Facebook is currently the most powerful advertising platform for businesses looking to reach a desired end users.


With social as your proactive strategy, search can be your reactive strategy to your customers searching for your goods and services. As a local business, your advantage is that your competition is much smaller, refined to your city or municipality. With consistent citations, link building and , a local company can outrank competitors in Google Map searches, organic results and even local packs.

Combining both proactive social strategies with reactive search strategies to cover more ground, you can amplify your brands market share online and grow your business.

The Best Crossfit Retailers on Facebook

As an agency, we always approach how well a company is doing today based on how effectively they manage their digital assets – website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. Often times, this is a good enough indicator of how well a brand communicates with their audience and amplifies their brand message effectively to ultimately make sales. Based on what they offer, we’ve put together a list of Crossfit products and the retailers we think are marketing them really well.


If you are a beginner of CrossFit training, here are a couple of items that you can get from the best online CrossFit retailers, such as apparel and equipment that will aid you in becoming a better performer of CrossFit.

Long Socks

You will need a long pair of socks, preferably at knee length. The purpose of this is to protect the shins from various injuries. When you train with CrossFit, you will have to perform a lot of different forms such as starches, box jumps, deadlifts, and cleans. On top of it being protective, it will also be a good fashion statement for your overall outfit.


Jump Rope

Sounds so basic, right? And also, it seems like you can get it from any store. But it would be preferable that you get all the equipment that you need at the best online CrossFit retailers, so you don’t need to jump from one store to the next. In CrossFit fitness, it is essential to have a jump rope with you. Jump ropes come in a variety of sizes, so you should choose one that is suited to your body proportions. Having a jump rope will enable you to speed up the learning process in the most complex jumping moves in CrossFit, like the double under.



It will be so much fun if you get to record the time that passed when you perform a certain task in CrossFit. It will also give you an idea how long it took you to perform a particular workout. Seeing this time, you will learn better, and you can even witness gradual improvement on how you perform each task as you continue to advance in learning more about CrossFit.


You will also need to track your progress, too. It is important to record your progress in CrossFit. The reason why you need a record of your lifts and workouts is that it gives you a clearer vision of what your goal is going to be. You will be refining your goals as you keep on progressing in this new fitness routine that you are in. The purpose of this is that you get to achieve your goals faster and at the same time making you a better person every single day. Seeing your notebook will be some sort of inspiration and motivation for you to do better each day.


You will also need a headband to control those sweaty hairs from getting your neck and face.

Strength or Wrist wraps

Many CrossFit enthusiasts prefer the strength wraps because of its flexibility and versatility. But any of the two will provide you protection to your arm.

Retailer: Manimal Strong

Hypertargeting Automotive Ads With Facebook

In today’s marketing world, day-in and day-out, what we hear the most from our clients is the diminishing returns tradition advertising delivers on ad spend. The landscape has changed, and the focus of the consumer has shifted from billboards, flyers and magazines to social media and digital content. As a business, this ultimately means you have to change your approach to survive, thus moving your dollars around constantly to where your consumer focus has shifted.

There is no other industry where this is more prevalent than the automotive industry, and our client was feeling it. Infomercials, flyers and billboards that once brought in walk-ins by the dozens get discarded and ignored with todays consumers. For majority of brands, the customer segment they are targeting doesn’t even read print media anymore. Add this to the fact that margins are decreasing in the industry with competition and online sales are increasing, and you can see why these businesses are hurting.

This caused a dealership to approach us in order to discuss and implement a more effective marketing strategy that resonates with their audience and captures their attention in places where they actually spend time in. With that in mind, and the tools at our disposal, our suggested medium was…


Facebook marketing is the most data-rich environment on the planet for car dealerships as of 2017. Not only can you leverage Facebooks rich audience data, but you can refine your audiences furthermore with the automotive partnerships Facebook offers. For example, as a dealer, you can target everyone within a 10 mile radius of your dealership that is in the market for crossover of the brand you offer. Insane! But how is this achieved?

What we did was leverage Facebook’s Partnership with Datalogix, a data giant, who in turn offers data from Polk. Polk collects DMV data, and Datalogix analyzes it to give you rich feedback onto the type, model and timeframe to purchase of everyone in your audience. By applying this layer of rich data to a geographical custom audience, we were able to increase the ROAS of our client, decrease their offline marketing spend and bring in qualified leads that turned into sales and service customers.